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Starving Husky Was Clinging To Her Puppy When Rescued From Side Of Highway

What do you like to do when you go on vacation? Do you go to the beach and catch some rays? How about visiting national parks or monuments?

Maybe you are more into going to amusement parks or participating in things like bungee jumping, mountain climbing, or whitewater rafting.

I am more of the ‘staycation’ type. Staying home and unplugging my digital devices is super relaxing.

Tsetso and Marti were on vacation when they saw the mother dog and her female pup on the side of the road in Bulgaria.

The pair were in dreadful shape, and there was no help in sight.

The couple decided to stop and try to help the dogs. The mother dog was clinging to life.

She and her daughter were both starving and had a skin condition.

Tsetso and Marti took the dogs to Animal Friends Foundation, located in Bourgas, Bulgaria where the mother dog was named Siberia, and her daughter was called Alaska.

The dogs were examined and treated.

They both had Sarcoptic mange (caused by mites) and Ehrlichiosis (a bacterial infection transmitted by ticks).

After getting fed regularly and taking the proper medications – just look at Siberia now!

She is beautiful – one brown eye and one blue eye! Here is Alaska – she must take after dad in the looks department!

Happily, both Alaska and Siberian found forever homes.

What an amazing vacation story Tsetso and Marti have – they saved two lives!

Not everyone who comes home from vacation can say that!

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