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Couple With Down Syndrome Who Met In The 90s Prove That True Love Exists After 22 Years Of Marriage!

According to (a family law firm), there is one divorce in America every 36 seconds. That equates to 2,400 divorces in just one day. In a year, there are 876,000 divorces. An average marriage today will last about eight years. But there are some couples that fall in love and stay in love. Take Tommy and Maryanne, they met in the early 1990s.

Tommy and Maryanne both have Down syndrome. They had dated for about 18 months before Tommy asked Maryanne to marry him.

But, first, he asked Maryanne’s mom, Linda, for permission. Linda was very excited and said yes! Maryanne did too!

The happy couple got married in the UK in 1995 – and they are still married 22 years later! The couple faced heavy criticism for wanting to get married. Many people thought they were the first Down syndrome couple to get married – Tommy in his bright-blue vest and Maryanne in her gorgeous gown.