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Couple Crushed In Mangled Car, Then She Sees Who’s Smiling At Her Window

Do you believe in angels? Arika Stovall will tell you that her guardian angel helped save her life! Arika and her boyfriend, Hunter, were driving along the road when Hunter crashed into a pole – he was going 85 miles per hour at the time. Arika said it was a miracle that neither one of them suffered any serious injuries.

They could have both been easily chopped in half! Arika believes that God helped guide Hunter’s hands that day so that the impact would not end both of their lives – they didn’t hit the pole head on. Right after the crash, Arika talked to Hunter to make sure he was okay – but there was a lot of blood and Hunter wasn’t answering.

Then she remembers looking out of the window and saw a man – he was very ‘bright’ and had a beard. There were no other cars, just this stranger who told her that an ambulance was on the way.