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Couple Look Out Window And Catch Elderly Woman In The Act — Now Footage Is Going Viral

You know what they say – to dance like nobody’s watching! They also say that age is just a number. Both of those statements are readily apparent in this viral video. The video features an older woman dancing her heart out in a parking lot! It seems like she didn’t realize people were watching – or, if she did, she didn’t care.

What mattered the most to her at the time was enjoying the moment! Justin Tucker and his wife Abby were enjoying a meal at a Waffle House restaurant in Douglasville, GA when they saw this woman bust a move! They couldn’t resist the temptation to record the moment! Go ahead and watch this woman dance, it will make your day a little brighter!

Take a look!

The woman in the video quickly became known as the “Dancing Queen” when the video circulated the internet late last year!

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