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Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids, But When They Get Home They Can’t Believe Their Eyes…

When Audrey, a mother of three, was diagnosed with stage two stomach and esophageal cancer, she was understandably distraught. What would happen to her children when she was gone? Who would take care of them? Knowing that she didn’t have much time, Audrey reached out to her neighbors Tisha and Kevin. Tisha didn’t really know Audrey or her children and had five children of her own – she agreed to adopt Audrey’s children!

Would you open your house to three children? Tisha said that the children had been through a lot and deserved a home – but not a foster home. The now family of ten got some unexpected help from a family friend. Watch the video below to see what Fox5’s team was able to do to help this loving family!

Take a look

Yes, the Fox5 Surprise Squad jumped in and gave the family some much-needed assistance.

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