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Tracy’s Dogs Is Changing The Way People Adopt Pets

Tracy’s Dogs is an incredible company founded by Tracy Whyatt in 2011.

It all started when Tracy and her husband Scott went on road trips around Texas and saved dogs from kill shelters to relocate to new homes in other states.

And the rest, as they say, is history – 3,700 dogs have been saved so far!

Every month, Tracy’s Dogs teams up with PetSmart and shows up in the PetSmart parking lots of multiple different states once a month with their giant 32-foot trailer in tow.

What for? It’s to unite dogs with their soon-to-be owners and new families!

After potential dog adopters are matched with pups, they gather at the parking lots on the assigned dates and wait to meet their dog for the first time.

Take a look at this video

This video shows exactly what happens during one of these adoption runs!

All the new dog owners take their pups into their arms for the first time, shedding tears of joy and hugging their little furballs tightly.

What a touching scene! Have you ever seen so many dogs adopted at once?