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Cops Pull Over A Truck Carrying Detergent. Then They Open A Bucket To Expose Them

Counterfeit laundry detergent? Who knew that was a thing? Well, the Los Angeles Police Department did, and they are cracking down. The LAPD confiscated 400 buckets of laundry detergent in October 2016. The fake soap was going to be placed into brand-name packages like Downy and Tide and sold for a big profit.

National Geographic reports that it costs only about $10 to $12 to make a bucket of detergent. It can then be sold for around $45! In 2010, US Customs seized around 1,500 cartons of counterfeit laundry detergent that came from China. Proctor & Gamble, a billion-dollar company, is being hurt by this practice.

Take a look at this video

They are working with law enforcement to help identify and close facilities around the world that are making the counterfeit detergents. I wonder how we, as consumers, can tell if we are buying the ‘real deal’ or the fake stuff? Share away, people.