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Corgi Hears Little Girl Having A Tantrum And Does The Sweetest Thing Ever

Dogs can be guard dogs, goofy dogs, or just supportive. Well, you could be lucky enough to get a dog who is all three! We love dogs! A dog in the house makes it a home. Dogs become part of our families – and indispensable part. What does your dog do when you are sick? Does he or she avoid you or follow you around more closely?

What does your dog do if you are crying? Does he or she run away from you or try to comfort you? Dooey, the Corgi, hears his human friend crying and knows exactly what she needs. He isn’t about to let his human cry. He comes right up to her and sits in her lap. She soon stops crying and gives Dooey a big hug!

Take a look at this video!

Good dog! Not sure why the little girl was crying, but Dooey didn’t want that happening in his house! Share away, people!