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Here’s Why Cops Touch A Car’s Tail Light When They Pull Someone Over

Did you ever wonder why some police officers touch the tail light of the cars they pull over? It is called the tail light tap and is done, so an officer leaves his/her fingerprints on the car, and it can later serve as evidence that they approached the vehicle. It is one of many safety habit police can use to try and stay safe; they have been doing it for decades.

The Law Dictionary says that officers may also do a tail light tap to shock or surprise the people in the car – but it also does put them in more danger of being attacked. With the new technology we have today, like dash and body cams, many police officers have stopped doing the tail light tap.

Take a look

tail light and cop

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Plus, there are many security cameras placed in stores and around cities to monitor activity. And – now you know! Share away, people!