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Officers Pretend They’re On Walk And Take Elderly Woman With Dementia Home.

Roberta is 81 years old. Part of her daily routine is to walk outside her home in Charles County, Maryland. Roberta also suffers from dementia. One day her walk went a little longer than normal. She ended up going too far. Roberta’s daughter called 911, and after 40 minutes, rescuers found her. Roberta was walking along a wooded a path.

At first, she was a little worried about why the police were there in the woods. Instead of starting or embarrassing the woman, they started to walk with her. Roberta confessed that she was a little lost and the officers told her not to worry, they would help her get back home safe. Pretty soon, Officer Morrison had her hand and was helping to guide her back home.

Take a look at this heartwarming photo

This is how policing should be done! Compassion and kindness while protecting and serving the public. Well done! Share away, people!