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Cops Shut Down Restaurant After They Discovered The Kind Of Meat They Were Selling

A hotel restaurant in Nigeria has been shut down after the authorities learned that the establishment was serving human flesh and the hotel owner was among the eleven people arrested. When the hotel, located in Anambra, Nigeria was raided, at least two human heads were found! The ‘fresh’ heads were wrapped in cellophane.

What is even more disturbing is that one menu item was “roasted human head.” Two guns and dozens of rounds of ammunition were also found on the site. A local vegetable seller told the Osum Defender that he would always see ‘dirty people with dirty characters’ coming and going from the hotel and he wasn’t surprised when the police raided the place.

This is just crazy

human flesh

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I am not sure I would ever eat at a restaurant that had “human head” listed as a menu item – no matter how hungry I was! This is unacceptable and I hope they’re severely punished. Share away, people.