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Cops On Duty Spot An Unusual Pink Baby On The Road Then Decide To Find The Mother

When we think of the police doing their job – to “protect and serve” we always think that they are duty bound to help humans.

Even the website says that the job of the police is focused on protecting property and people.

But, not all police officers think that they only serve the human population.

So, we could say that many police officers go ‘above and beyond’ almost every day.

Every now and again, an animal needs help, and police officers (once again) jump in to save the day!

This story is about some police officers in Britain.

cops and squirrel

Image Credit: KRoock74 / Wikimedia

They were on a routine patrol when they saw a defenseless baby squirrel in the middle of the road in Hackney.

Red squirrels are native to the UK, the gray squirrel was introduced to Britain in 1876, according to

cops and squirrel

Image Credit: MPSHackney / Twitter

It is likely that the tiny baby had been dropped from above when the mother squirrel was moving it from one nest to another.

For the baby to have a good chance at survival, the officers knew it would be best to find its mother.

Just look at how tiny that baby is!

It is a miracle they saw it at all!

cops and squirrel

Image Credit: MPSHackney / Twitter

The Hackney Police Department shared this heartwarming story on their Facebook page.

They were happy to report that the team of officers were able to find the baby squirrel’s mother and the two were reunited!

cops and squirrel

Image Credit: MPSHackney / Twitter

Just another – unordinary day in the life of a police officer!

cops and squirrel

Image Credit: Audrey / Flickr

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