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Cops Mourn The Death Of Their Littlest Friend

Some police departments have a canine mascot. It may be a dog that doesn’t actually fight crime, but one that the officers like to have around. Being a police officer is not an easy job.

The hours are long and hard. Some of the people the officers are sworn to protect and serve do not respect them. The police have gotten a lot of bad press in recent months.

It is important to remember that not all cops are ‘bad.’ Here is a story to show that police officers are human beings, just like you and me. The officers at the Omaha Police Department had a squirrel friend. Yes, a squirrel made regular visits to the station, and the officers would give her treats.

The officers even set up a Twitter account for her and called it @OpdSquirrel. They would post photos of her on a regular basis. It showed the lighter side of being a law enforcement officer. Tragically, one day they found the body of their beloved squirrel in the parking lot.

To commemorate what she meant to the department, they set up a miniature crime scene. They took photos and posted them. The body of the squirrel was even outlined in chalk. With these photos, the squirrel is gone, but not forgotten. We are sorry for your loss. This squirrel meant a lot to the officers.

squirrel cop

Image Credit: Chris Ray / Twitter

I hope that they are able to find another animal to care for soon.

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