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Police Cars Follow Girl To Prom After Her Dad Dies On Duty

Being the child of a police officer is no walk in the park, it comes with its own set of heartaches.

Officer Charlie Kondak of Tarpon Springs, Florida thought he was going to attend a regular routine call in December, but instead, he was shot and killed.

His demise naturally left everyone in the community heartbroken and horrified.

Officer Charlie, who worked with the police department, was just 45 years when he was killed, leaving behind his wife and six kids, all completely devastated when they learned what had happened.

Fast forward a couple of years and Officer Charlie’s daughter, Aleena, was ready to attend prom at River Ridge High School.

All fathers dream of seeing their daughters dressed up in sparkling gowns, looking like the princesses they are in their fathers’ eyes, but of course, Aleena could never have that opportunity.

She would never be able to see the twinkle in her father’s eyes while he saw her off to the big night.

To try to fill in her father’s gap, Aleena’s mom came up with a heartwarming plan but kept it a complete secret until the big day.

She requested all the officers of the Tarpon Springs Police Department to stand in a line in order to surprise Aleena when she stepped off the bus for prom.

What you’re about to see is going to leave you speechless…

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