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Cops Build Custom ‘Condo’ For Their Unofficial Mascot Who They’ve Known For Four Years!

This calico kitty has been the unofficial mascot of the Boston Police Department’s SWAT team for the last four years. That is quite an unusual job for a cat – don’t you think?

As you many know, when a cat decides to do something, most of us can’t stop them! She just showed up one day and hasn’t left. Why should she leave? The officers make sure she is fed and taken to the vet regularly. Naturally, the officers on the Special Weapons and Tactics team named her SWAT Cat.

SWAT Cat always runs to greet her ‘family’ when they come back to headquarters.

They have tried over the years to get SWAT Cat to come indoors – but she is happy living outside. Again, once a cat decides to do something, they are usually unyielding. So, they decided to make Jamie her very own home and place it outside headquarters.

Officer Jamie Pietroski was the man responsible for creating SWAT Cat’s pad. Pietroski, a 15-year veteran, spent a few late nights working on the kitty pad. There is a large deck for sunbathing, glass sliding doors, and a spacious interior!

Just what every sophisticated cat needs! SWAT Cat has given her new home two paws up! Or maybe just a tail up – which in cat language is a good thing! The officers gave SWAT Cat her new home on February 10, 2017, and by all reports, she is a happier cat.

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