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Cops Horrified After Discovering 90-Year-Old Emaciated Grandma, Then Situation Gets Worse

Family members are supposed to look out for each other – but that isn’t always the case.

Xiaoming Tsui, a Chinese woman, was no longer wanted by her children (she was a hassle and cost too much money) and they nearly starved her to death!

Tsui had fallen ill, and her children locked her in a room and tried to make it look like Tsui had starved herself.

emaciated grandma

Image Credit: EuroPics [CEN]

Neighbors would sneak her water and oatmeal when her children were gone.

The neighbors did not know the extent of the abuse, but knew Tsui was being mistreated – finally, someone called the police.

Tsui’s children, a son, and daughter, now face attempted murder charges!

emaciated grandma

Image Credit: EuroPics [CEN]

That is what you get when you lock someone in a room and refuse to feed them and provide the bare necessities.

Please look out for your family, especially your mother!

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