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Cop Asks Woman To Open Her Trunk Because Lights Are Out – Has No Idea He’s Being Recorded

When the discourse surrounding police brutality and violence towards people of color, it’s reassuring to know that there are still plenty of great cops in the world who will genuinely go above and beyond to help citizens, as is their job description.

Chy-Niece was heading to a job interview when she noticed police lights going on behind her. She hadn’t broken any road laws that she was aware of, and she was nervous as she put together the needed documents in preparation as a police officer approached.

When she rolled down the window, the officer told her he didn’t need to see any documentation but needed to tell her that her brake lights weren’t on. Chy-Niece was upset by this news as she had just had them changed a month before, and she couldn’t afford to pay the ridiculous $600 that Firestone was charging her just to check for faulty wiring.

Chy-Niece revealed her dilemma to the officer, who looked like he was just as affronted by the sky-high price as she was. So he checked the lights, then asked her to open the hood so he could see if he could help. He even had her get out of the car so he could test the brakes and wiring from inside!

Touched and surprised by this act of kindness, Chy-Niece took to social media to post about this story, where it quickly gained 97,000 shares and over 424,000 likes. It’s positive stories like these that ease the confusion and chaos surrounding a lot of issues we deal with today!