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Cop Sees Men With Dog In The Woods — Then Realizes What They’re About To Do

Chris Lynch, a conservation officer working in Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources, was patrolling in the north peninsula one afternoon when he spotted something fishy.

A vehicle was parked in the woods, and two men with a little dog started to hop out of the car. Chris decided to approach them when he saw one of the men loading a rifle and carrying it along.

He asked them what they were doing. At first, they lied and said they were burying another pup – but the make-shift coffin was empty.

One of the men confessed that they wanted to shoot the dog as she was ‘too old’.

Chris slapped the duo with a charge for illegal weapon possession, and ordered them to hand the canine over to him. The two complied.

Tunzy, an 11 year old healthy female Shih Tzu, was saved by the policeman before being shot to death.

The cop then ferried her to Delta Animal Shelter, where he knew that she’ll be safe.

Tunzy was found to be in excellent health, and is now available to be adopted! Interested parties, please contact the shelter directly for more information.

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