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Cop Pulls Over Man For Not Having Baby In Car Seat. Then Spots Wife’s Pregnancy Test

No one ever wants to get pulled over by the police. It is embarrassing and infuriating! In this video, the woman actually planned to have her husband pulled over to tell him some fantastic news! The husband was clearly nervous about being pulled over, his wife, Nikki, tells him to relax.

Then the husband nervousness turns to confusion when the officer told him he was pulled over for not having a child seat. There is no child – how can he get in trouble for not having a child seat?! Nikki then pulls out the pregnancy test and all is revealed! Congratulations Dad! The officer and his partner give the couple a gift and congratulate the so-to-be daddy!

Take a look at this video

Turns out that the baby is due on the husband’s birthday! How awesome is that?! I am not sure I would go to such lengths to tell someone I was pregnant!

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