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Police Officer Goes Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty For Abused Dog

Police officers are part of your local defense force, protecting you and your family from harm. However, not only people are protected, dogs are included too!

A cop from the Cleveland Police Department did an amazing deed for this pitbull.

6 months ago, the police department had received a call about a man using a belt and a brick to beat a dog. The man was reported to have been kicking and choking the dog as well.

Thankfully, a witness had managed to calm the man down and surrender the dog.

When the police arrived at the scene, the dog immediately got into their car.

Although he had sustained serious injuries, the vets did their best to help him recover.

This dog was soon fostered by Officer Brandon Melbar and was given the name “Havard”.

Havard and Brandon spent time together and quickly developed a strong bond.

Thanks to Brandon’s loving care, Havard made a speedy recovery.

Brandon had decided to adopt Havard soon after and they are now inseparable!

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