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Cop Looks At Kitten Brought Into Station And Cries When He Finds Out Sad Truth

A lonely kitten all on her own stood underneath a lamp post one evening, and it’s that visibility that saved her and found her a home.

Officer Mike Cardin was doing his night shift patrols when he noticed the tiny feline alone under the streetlamp, and his heart broke for the poor little one. He knew he couldn’t let her be on her own, so he stopped by and picked her up, then brought her to the station.

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Once there, Cardin made the little kitten a temporary bed out of a record box. The plan was to wait for animal control to arrive and collect the cat. But that plan fell to pieces when Wallace, one of Cardin’s co-workers, saw the adorable ball of fur. He was immediately taken by her and didn’t want her to be alone.

As he worked, Wallace kept the kitten with him, even bringing her along when he was dispatched. The kitten began to follow him everywhere, refusing to leave his side, and by the end of the night, Wallace knew he had to take her in.

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The little kitty, named Kelsey, soon became an official part of Wallace’s home! For these two, it was love at first sight, and we’re so happy that they ended up meeting so Kelsey could find her home, and Wallace’s home could become that much brighter!