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Cop Launch Investigation After Receiving A Tip – Discover Sick Things Teen Has Been Doing

This smiling girl is 18 years old – she was arrested in California and sentenced to 13 years in jail. What could she have done to deserve that? She ran a prostitution ring for underage girls! Jelinajane Bedrijo Almario was 16 when she decided to start a prostitution ring using girls as young as 14 and 15!

She recruited teenaged girls by word-of-mouth and with social media! Almario was said to have targeted young, frustrated, and desperate teens looking for a way out of an unhappy home life. The teens would be given a night or two at a seedy hotel and be given a ‘client’ to entertain.

Take a look at this monster

teen pimp

Image Credit: Kings County Sheriff’s Office

Just a few weeks after she got started, Almario was found out, and her business was shut down. Almario was charged with threatening the relative of a girl, human trafficking, and making terrorist threats. She deserves all of those 13 years. Share away, people.