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This Cop Feeds A Hungry Homeless Man — 6 Months Later, He Hears This On His Voicemail

In Greenville, Deputy Matt Holman from the local Sheriff’s Office spotted a homeless man named Robert Morris. Robert’s tent, originally in the woods, was washed away by one of the recent floods. He has no next of kin or family members and was addicted to drugs and alcohol – this destroyed his sibling-hood, too.

Officer Holman gifted Robert with a Bible after listening to him – the Bible had various miscellaneous notes and highlighted scriptures written all over it. He then offered to get Robert a bite to eat, while refusing the dollar bills Robert forked out to repay him. Six months later, Officer Holman hears from Robert again, in the form of an actual 911 voicemail he had made earlier on.

Take a look at the video below!

However, Robert Morris passed away on March 18, 2015 – he had recorded this voicemail to thank officer Holman for his eternal gratefulness. This story proves that kindness is well worth one’s time and patience.

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