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Girl And Her Brother Are Pulled Over By A Cop So They Tell Him To Mind His Own Business!

It is bad enough to be pulled over by a police officer – but what if that police officer that pulls you over is your own dad? I mean – I can’t even imagine what that would be like. The kids in this video have just gotten pulled over by their own father – a cop. Great. I can’t imagine they were speeding in that pink plastic jeep.

But we soon find out that they don’t have their seatbelts buckled. Then the unthinkable – the little boy ‘floors’ it and the kids are off! Dad is in hot pursuit! The next time they get pulled over, the little girl is driving. The same thing happens, she ‘floors’ it and dad is running after them!

Take a look at this video

It would NOT be a good idea to try this tactic if you ever get pulled over! Share this funny video with your family and friends!