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Cop Meets ‘Unadoptable’ Boy In School And Immediately Calls His Wife To Make Arrangements

In his off time, Master Deputy Mike Gibson would spend his time as a school resource officer. When he was offered a full-time post, he grabbed it! Gibson found the experience so rewarding because the children saw him as a part of the school and he was able to show them that police officers are their friends. One boy started to call him “Officer” but that soon changed to “Officer Dad” and then just “Dad.”

The boy was a foster child who had been labeled as unadoptable. A label that no child should ever be given. When Gibson learned that the boy had been in and out of foster homes, he told his wife, Kimber, that the boy needed a home. They already had three of their own children but did foster the young boy. I bet you know how this story ends! Watch the video to see if you are right!

Take a look at this video

Yep, you’re right! They adopted the boy and made him a permanent part of their family! I love happy endings 🙂 Share away, people!