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Cop Sees 7 Dogs Trapped In A 100 Degree Car With No Water. Then She Does The Only Thing She Can Do..

Animal Planet has released a pre-recorded yet disturbing footage of 7 dogs trapped in a car for 2 whole days – with no food or water and left to die in the smothering heat. It was truly a miracle that they even survived without suffering heat strokes – but they were running out of time.

A nearby cop has spotted the car left out in the open since 2 days ago, and was close by to observe and wait for the pets’ owner to arrive – but no one came. On the second day, she swiftly provided aid to the trapped pooches – by giving them water through a plastic bag and a tube to drink from. She then smashed the windows, and her colleagues helped ferry the animals to safety.

Check out the video below!

All of the seven dogs have been successfully re-homed and are now in good hands.

We salute this police officer’s act of bravery – thank you, kind lady!

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