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She’s Having A Conversation With Her Kittens, But Just Listen… Sweetest Sound Ever

Raise your hand if you talk to your pet! Yep, my hand is up! Dog owners will call to their dogs, and we train them using voice commands. But how about cats? They are harder to train and may not always respond to you if you call them. I have one cat who will come when I call her – but she is the only one who responds to her name.

There is nothing cuter than saying something to your cat and having them respond! Most of the time, my cats ‘yell’ at me for something. They want more food, more attention, or more love. The woman in this video clearly loves her cats (and they love her right back!). You can tell by her the sounds she makes to them.

Take a look at this video!

The kittens respond in a cute, gentle tone to her! You have to admit that those are some cute kittens!

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