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Comedian And Actor Mike Epps Caught Abusing Terrified Kangaroo On Stage

There’s no excuse for animal cruelty – they aren’t objects to be used for comedy or entertainment! Apparently someone needs to help hammer that idea into the head of Mike Epps, a comedian and actor probably best recognized from The Hangover. Epps performed at a show in Detroit, during which he invited Jason Stacks, who owns a zoo and is a proclaimed exotic animal specialist, and one of Stacks’ kangaroos onto the stage.

The bright lights and loud noises spooked the kangaroo, who tried to dash off, but Stacks grabbed onto it and picked it up, carrying it around for the audience’s amusement to the beat of the music. Clearly uncomfortable, the kangaroo attempted to escape multiple times, but was not allowed to. Epps even forcefully grabbed the leash and lifted the animal up by that string for a photo. Annoyed, the kangaroo reached out to swipe at him, and Epps took off running off the stage.

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Since then, angry fans have berated him for his heartless actions over an animal who shouldn’t have been treated like a punchline. Epps has since apologized, and Stacks meanwhile claims that he has proper licenses for all his animals. That kangaroo deserves much better.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]