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As Soon As Cockatoo See Dad Coming Home From Work, His Excitement Hits The Roof

Dog owners around the world know how excited their dog will be when they come home. My dog gets just as excited when I come back in from getting the mail! The pet in this video is excited to see his dad come home too – but it isn’t a dog or a cat! It is a cockatoo named Onni (which in Finnish, means “happiness” and “luck”).

Onni and his dad obviously have an incredible relationship! Onni starts to get excited when he sees dad walking up to the door! Onni flies over to dad once he is inside and the two embrace! If you have never seen a bird give a hug – you are in store for a treat!

Take a look at this video!

The love you get (and give) to your pet is only one reason that being a pet owner makes you a very lucky person!

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