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Watch: Cockatoo Adopted By A Group of Crows

Birds of a feather flock together – right? You know that if you have similar likes and dislikes, you will find friends with those same ideals and you all hang out together. Well, the cockatoo in this story didn’t want to ‘flock’ with other cockatoos – he chose to hang out with a bunch of crows instead!

The video below was captured by a mother and son when they heard the murder of crows making noise in their Carlsbad, California neighborhood. You can tell that the boy is in disbelief when he realizes a cockatoo is in the mix. Makes you wonder where the cockatoo came from – is he a wild cockatoo? Or did he belong to someone and he escaped somehow.

Take a look at this video!

Bottom line is that he is in good company. He and his crow family seem to be getting along just fine! Maybe the saying should just be “birds flock together!”

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