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Six Strangers Are Placed In A Dark Room With The Aim To Remove Labels (Video)

We all know that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover – right? That means you can’t judge something (anything) by what it looks like on the outside. The outward appearance of something doesn’t reflect what is on the inside. Coca-Cola Middle East created a social experiment. They put six people in a dark room.

No one could see anything, and the people didn’t know who the others in the room were. They went around the room and described themselves to each other while sitting in the dark. Then the lights came on. Wait until you see what happened next!

Take a look at this video

Remember this the next time you meet someone or just see someone on the street. We are all humans. The clothes people wear are just that – clothes. The person inside is what matters. Labels are labels. People are people. Share away, people.