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Clubbed Puppies Found Discarded In Dog Food Bag

Animal cruelty, is sadly increasingly rampant even though cities are becoming more globalized with each passing decade. When dogs or cats are mercilessly killed and their bodies left unburied with little to no evidence to locate the culprit, justice can hardly be sought for these poor fur babies.

In Davis Field, Oklahoma, a doggy bag has been found by curious passer-bys – and they ended up informing the local authorities after discovering what was inside. It wasn’t food – they were puppies, all killed due to deadly blows to their head. Investigations, according to local publication Muskogee Now, are still ongoing. Meanwhile, a $5000 monetary reward has been posted.

Take a look at the poor puppies:

Image Credit: Muskogee Now News

If you have any information concerning the death of these poor puppies, please contact the Police at 918-682-COPS.

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