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He Climbs 40 Feet Up A Tree — But Look What He Finds At The Top

Along Campbell River located in Canada, a bald eagle was trapped among a jumble of kite strings stuck fast on a tree branch for more than 10 hours. It was then a man named Steve Harding who works for a Timberwolf Tree Service came to its rescue. He is also an experienced bird rescuer.

The poor eagle was trapped at a great height of 40 feet from the ground. Steve started to climb, and successfully untangled its legs from the kite strings. Carrying the bird carefully during his descent, he ferried it to The Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society (MARS), where the staff at the rescue took the eagle into their care until it fully recuperates.

Take a look at the rescue below!

Well done, Steve – we salute your bravery and your great effort!

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