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Kind-Hearted Teen Decides He’s Had Enough After Seeing Cruel Kids Bully Girl On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time of year that celebrates love and compassion in all shapes and forms.

While it’s mostly associated with romantic love, it certainly isn’t confined to just that by any means, and you can give Valentines to friends, family, or others you appreciate in your life!

Aislinn Bowermaster, 12, being the sweetheart she is, was so excited when her class was going to hold a Valentine’s Day celebration.

The day before, she stayed up late so she could make a huge batch of yummy cookies in the shapes of hearts so she could hand them out to her classmates the next day.

Image Credit: YouTube

But when she arrived, Aislinn discovered that no one had prepared any gifts or cards for her, and she had to watch everyone else exchanging gifts.

On top of that, she was bullied by her classmates and made fun of for her weight.

Devastated, Aislinn ran home to her mom, Kristin, and locked herself in her room, unable to stop crying.

Image Credit: YouTube

Kristin was in tears as she called her best friend, Abby, for advice on what to do.

Later on, Abby told her teenage stepson Isaiah Greiner about what had happened, and the kind-hearted boy knew he had to help.

Someone who has always been vocal about the need for bullying to end, he decided to give her a little surprise at school to shut up her haters once and for all.

Watch this video to see what it was!

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