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6-Year-Old Claire Crosby Ukulele Cover Of ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love

Six-year-olds like Claire Crosby are at that special stage in life where they are curious to explore things that interest them.

Crosby, especially, displays an engaging amount of confidence and enthusiasm in a recent video performance showcasing her musical talents.

This beautiful and charming pigtailed girl not only sings a song, she accompanies herself on the ukulele.

Claire has even demonstrated the technical skill to create an online video of her performance, complete with an introduction and a message at the conclusion that she herself provides.

She is obviously a child who is not shy about having others recognize and enjoy the talent she displays.

Her musical skill, along with her winning personality and cute pigtails, all combine to make her a pint-sized performer who easily wins over the hearts of her audience.

Anyone watching her video can clearly see that Claire has a knack for public speaking and performing.

She has without a doubt been practicing her routine for weeks prior to recording it.

And her audience can’t help but be impressed by the fact that she knows the classic Elvis Presley tune that she performs, Can’t Help Falling in Love”, inside and out.

Her voice is small but clear and strong, and she strums her musical instrument without missing one beat.

Claire Crosby is the perfect example of how to combine innate talent with technology in order to inspire other children her own age or older, about the benefits of taking the time to pursue whatever activity makes them happy.

No doubt many individuals who see the amazing video performance of this talented and confident six-year old girl will want to track her progress as she pursues her musical talent, not for honors and applause, but merely for the joy she feels in doing this activity.