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Circus Elephant Collapses With Joy When She Finds Out She Is Finally Free

Mia and Sia spent 50 years living in captivity – in chains at a circus. Most reasonable people would know that forcing an animal to live in chains is cruel, imagine living in chains for half of century! Being chained up for so long meant that Mia and Sia’s feet were in bad shape.

Sia also had a fracture that hadn’t healed properly, and she couldn’t lay down to rest.

Wildlife S.O.S. shared their amazing rescue story on Facebook. The group said that Sia hasn’t been able to lay down and sleep for at least a year!

Part of the therapy that both Mia and Sia will get will be swimming, exercise on soft surfaces, warm foot soaks, medications, and a special diet.

Mia and Sia made a 1,200-mile journey to their new home at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center located in Mathura.