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You Can Now Get A Full Christmas Dinner In A Single Can

Christmas dinners are delicious feasts, packed with yummy dishes and flavorful food.

There’s a succulent turkey with scrumptious stuffing, steaming baked pies, creamy mashed potatoes, some savory gravy and sweet cranberry sauce on the side, and an assortment of well-seasoned roasted vegetables (like carrots, turnips, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and more!).

Sometimes, these rich dinners might include other forms of meat, such as juicy beef, honey-glazed ham, or chicken and other poultry, and be finished off with a round of decadent desserts like apple or pumpkin pie, fruitcake, trifle, or Christmas pudding.

There may even be drinks, like eggnog, mulled wine, hot chocolate, or seasonally appropriate cocktails!

Basically, what we’re saying is that Christmas dinners are vast and filling, and often require quite a lot of preparation.

Planning the dishes and making them can be a whole-day (or even a two- or three-day) endeavor, and it involves a lot of effort and work in the kitchen – sometimes between many members of the family!

Of course, Christmas isn’t all about food.

It’s about heading outside and spreading Christmas cheer, giving and receiving presents, and spending time with loved ones.

But for those who would rather hole up at home, avoid any holiday parties, and keep away from people in general, there’s a way to get that covered Christmas dinner without all the prep time – or any of the family time.

Specifically released with a target audience of gamers who would much rather spend their time playing video games next to the fireplace.

Or in their nice warm rooms instead of slaving away in the kitchen or attending any family gatherings, GAME has created a product known simply as the Christmas Tinner.

The Christmas Tinner, simply put, is a full, nine-course traditional Christmas meal, all packed and meticulously layered over each other inside a can.

Released by GAME, which is a website based in the United Kingdom geared at gamers, this dinner is jokingly referred to as an ultimate innovation for those who simply can’t rip themselves away from their games for an evening.

Chris Godfrey

The Christmas Tinner’s nine layers consist of:

Some bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, some mince pies as a bit of a snack.

Then there are some potatoes and turkey for a main course, some gravy to go with it, bread sauce followed by cranberry sauce (because we can’t leave out the sauces).

Also there is a mix of broccoli and Brussels sprouts for vegetables and another layer with roast carrots and parsnips, and finally dessert: Christmas pudding. Yum?

Obviously, this is a bit of a joke product and not particularly meant to be taken seriously – something that makes a good gag gift or a silly novelty buy.

But that hasn’t stopped people from flocking to purchase this Christmas Tinner.

Whether out of curiosity, for the hilarity of it all, or actually to seriously avoid leaving their consoles, we’re not entirely sure. 

Unfortunately, the Christmas Tinner product went out of stock very quickly, and there’s no word as to whether GAME will ever restock the meal.

Some people aren’t even sure it ever existed, but the YouTube video by Steviejacko reviewing the Christmas Tinner proves it was, at some point, real and available for purchase.

Naturally, many people have reacted… strongly… to this information.

Would you try Christmas Tinner?

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