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‘It Looked Like They Pulled A Toddler Out Of My Belly’: Mom Gives Birth To 13-Pound Baby

Chrissy and Larry Corbitt were ecstatic when they found out that Chrissy was expecting their fifth baby!

Due to having done this four times before, the parents knew what to expect and had a good idea of what the next nine months would entail.

But then Chrissy’s stomach began to grow, and it was expanding to sizes it had never reached before!

This brought so many questions to their minds. Were they going to have twins? Or was something wrong with the pregnancy?

They took to their doctor to find out.

Image Credit: YouTube

Regular checkups showed that only one baby was in Chrissy’s belly, and each new ultrasound revealed more of the same.

Doctors reached one simple conclusion: Chrissy was going to give birth to a particularly large baby – and it was a conclusion that was extremely accurate!

Chrissy’s pregnancy went smoothly, and she gave birth to a healthy, bouncing baby girl via C-section.

But the moment she laid eyes on her baby, she couldn’t help her jaw dropping in shock.

The little one didn’t look like a newborn baby, or even a larger newborn – she looked like a full blown toddler!

Chrissy almost thought the baby would get up and walk herself to the nursery!

Image Credit: YouTube

The baby, named Carleigh, weighed in at 13 pounds and five ounces – a massive size for any newborn.

Nurses had to go up several sizes of diapers to properly fit Carleigh, and Chrissy and Larry were already realizing that they’d have to ditch the newborn clothes they’d bought for their daughter.

Sure enough, they ended up having to buy her a brand new wardrobe – all with clothes for a nine-month-old!

Check out this video to find out more about this fascinating and incredible story, and see how Carleigh and her parents are doing now!

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