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Captor Posts Photos Of Rat ‘Apologizing’ For Stealing Rice, Shocking Chinese Netizens

In Heyuan, Guangdong province located in China, photos of a rat strung up along with an apology note written by its captor drew worldwide attention and the criticism of animal lovers.

The apology note provided spectators a recall of how the rice was stolen, along with a sentence that was translated into “I will not dare to do so in the future”. Unfortunately, the way the rat was strung up invited displeasure amongst the internet community, as they referenced such an act to what happened during the Cultural Revolution.

Others called it a sick act, as they justified that killing the rat and leaving the body alone would have sufficed – not posting it on social media for everyone to see.

Image Credit: Weibo

Amusingly, several Chinese characters were incorrect in the rat’s message, provoking laughter from those who pointed it out.

Image Credit: Weibo

Do you think punishing pests like this is the right thing to do?

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