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18 Years After Saving Chimp Their Eyes Meet Again — Ignoring All Warnings, She Walks Too Close

When Linda Koebner was a graduate student, she helped two chimpanzees’ make the transition from being lab animals to free animals. No one was certain the two chimps, Doll and Swing, could make the transition. They had known only misery and despair. Koebner worked with them for four years, and they were able to adapt to their new life of freedom.

Eventually, Linda left the two chimps behind safe at an animal sanctuary. But, she never forgot those two chimps, and they never forgot her. The video below shows the heartwarming reunion 18 years later! Koebner calls to the chimps, and they come to see her. Just watch how much love they still have for Koebner (and she has for them)!

Take a look at this video

Koebner asked one simple question, “Do you remember me?” The answer was a resounding yes! Aww!!

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