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Unexpected Interruption During Live News Broadcast Is Absolutely Hilarious (Video)

Many people have jobs they can do from home. The only trouble with that is you may not get as much work done because you are at home – and there are distractions – like your children. Just ask Professor Robert Kelly. He was being interviewed live on BBC News about the impeachment that occurred in South Korea when his kids bust into the room.

The best part is when the nanny came flying into the room to round up the kids! Poor thing! The little girl came dancing into the room – she had no idea daddy was working and needed to have privacy! Professor Kelly seemed only mildly irritated during the incident, but he did manage to finish the interview.

Take a look at this video

Life is full of surprises when you have young children – you gotta learn to roll with it! Maybe next time he should lock the door! Share away, people!