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Childhood Bully Asks Her Out, But She Secretly Had Waiter Slip Him A Revenge Letter

12 year-old Louisa Manning was a target of a school bully at her school. She would get names like “hairy” and “man-beast”, she was also teased for being overweight. This led to Louisa suffering body-image issues and later, eating disorders for many years. When she attended college, Louisa decided to get her life back by getting fit which brought her confidence back.

At a college sporting event, Louisa met her former bully just ten years later. Even though he had no idea who she was, but Louisa did. Strangely enough, he later asked Louisa out on a date. This was a great opportunity for Louisa to get back on him. They had arranged to meet at a restaurant for dinner. Instead of showing up, she had asked a waiter to give the former bully a letter and a old photo!

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