The adage “pick on someone your own size” doesn’t apply to Lilly, a 12-week-old Chihuahua, who boldly picks a fight with her antithesis Vago, a Great Dane.


While lounging in a dog park in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Vago extends his arm towards Lilly as a kind gesture, but Lilly misconstrues this as an invitation to brawl.

Hardly a formidable opponent, Vago is taken aback by Lilly’s bravado. As Lilly continues to posture, Vago entertains the comical duel.

With Lilly up on her feet ready to rumble, Vago throws her head back. That’s all it took to get Lilly’s adrenaline pumping.

Lilly tumbles to the floor with her fighting spirit still in tow.


Now on her hind legs, Lilly’s attempts at intimidation grow increasingly funnier. Her feeble legs soon give out, and Lilly is down for the count yet again.

Unfazed by the audience she’s amassed, Lilly forges ahead with clever maneuvering.

She clearly gets ahead of herself, for she takes a tumble that leaves her scatterbrained.

Concerned for the fearless pup, Vago gets on his feet to aid his rival. Fortunately, the only thing bruised was Lilly’s ego.

It’s at this point when Lilly throws in the proverbial towel, and Vago wins the match.