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Weird Woman Broke Into Stranger’s House, Petted Dog, Washed Dishes And Left

Home intruders are generally ill-intentioned and infringe on people’s privacy for the sake of making a profit.

The same can’t be said for Cheyenne Ewing.

This past Monday, a home invasion in a small village in Ohio was reported to the police.

Oddly enough, the residents were in the house when Ewing showed up unannounced and uninvited.

Around 9 a.m., Ewing strolled into the home through the back door. She quickly made herself at home, finding a seat on the couch while petting the family dog.

It was as if Ewing was wholly familiar with this foreign territory.

After the strange encounter on the sofa, Ewing made her way to the kitchen. Upon seeing the dirty dishes, Ewing took it upon herself to scrub them clean.

Ewing’s peculiar behavior was enough to startle the residents.

Ewing went on her way, but a few days later, the police received word that a woman matching Ewing’s description was canvassing the same neighborhood in search of God knows.

Deputy Michelle Thomas followed the lead, subsequently locating Ewing in the reported area. Ewing was quickly taken into custody.

Deputy Thomas immediately noticed that Ewing was under the influence. According to Ewing, she’d been up for two days straight.

Though she was notably disoriented, Ewing was still arrested on burglary charges. The Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail has set her bond at $10,000.

Ewing maintains that lack of sleep and intoxication caused her to act out of character.

On May 14, Ewing will be given a bond hearing to determine her fate.

Though her criminal acts were kind in nature, Ewing will not be getting off scot-free. Perhaps she’ll learn to knock before entering a stranger’s home and doing housework.