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Chance Encounter Between Two Strangers Ended Up Changing One Young Man’s Life

An act of kindness can change someone’s life forever. Sometimes you don’t realize that you only have that one shot as helping out that person in need, as it’s sheer chance that you happened to meet them when they needed you. It’s a good thing that Art Bouvier, a restaurant owner, was around when 18-year-old Jhaqueil Reagan was asking for directions.

Jhaqueil was on his way to a job interview and stopped to ask Art for directions. Art was surprised to hear that his interview venue was a good ten miles away and advised him to take a bus. But 20 minutes later, while running errands in his truck, Art saw that Jhaquiel was still walking in the direction he’d been pointed in.

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Jhaqueil was shocked and touched by this gesture, and is now beyond excited to begin working at the restaurant. Art has even insisted on making sure he has transport from his home every day. He’s definitely the best boss ever!

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