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By Placing Your Cell Phone Next To A Full Bottle Of Water Something Fascinating Happens

Normally you would think that a cell phone and water would not go so well together. Yes, they have some phones and phone cases that are “waterproof” to some degree, but generally electronic devices should not come into contact with water. But, what if you are having a hard time getting enough bars to use your phone? You are out camping and need to make a call? But you have no bars and no LTE – Did you know that water can help with that?!

To enhance your phone signal place a bottle of water (not an empty bottle, but one that is full) near the top of the phone – they should both be on a flat surface. Turn on the airplane mode on the phone, so the WiFi signal is blocked. After a few moments turn off airplane mode! This will allow your phone to find a cell tower that is close by and you will have better call clarity! Watch the video below, and Jordan will show you how to do it!

Take a look at this video

According to the video, this technique will work with any phone – not just the one used in the video! Jordan Random is a Rumble user who figured this out while participating in the well-known bottle flip challenge.

Thankfully, you will never have to worry about losing your connection when you need it most! Be sure to share this crazy technique with your friends! That way when you are talking to them, you will never have to worry about hearing them or losing the call!