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Jay Leno Proves Cats Are Smarter Than Dogs With This Funny Video

When former “Tonight” talk show host and comedian Jay Leno recently guested on the “Ellen Show”, Ellen Degeneres had a bone to pick with him.

She challenged him to actually prove that cats are smarter than dogs, an idea that Jay has promoted for a long time.

Ellen acknowledged that both she and Jay are cat lovers and cat owners, but wanted definitive proof that felines can outsmart dogs.

Jay wasn’t ruffled in the least, coming prepared with videos that proved his assertion that cats are smarter than dogs.

In one video, a cat easily opens a patio door and exits, while a dog is shown desperately pawing at the door and needing his owner’s help to get it open.

In another video, a dog has to burrow through a whole pile of leaves to retrieve a ball, while Jay’s cat is shown cleverly using a leaf blower in order to blow away the leaves and find the red ball that Jay has tossed there.

Whether or not Jay convinced Ellen or her audience that cats really are smarter than dogs, his videos certainly had everyone howling with laughter.

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