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Cat’s Reaction When He Sees His New Bed For The First Time Is Extremely Priceless!

Cats are always curious about new things, especially if it’s something for them. They get equally cautious and excited as they investigate and try out the new object. So when this cat’s owners decided to get her a new bed in the form of a cat tree, they naturally expected a reaction – but definitely not one this hilarious and cute!

This cat is absolutely on top of the world with his new gift! He’s so excited about it that as soon as he gets into the tree, he can’t stop jerking around and completely spazzing out. Every few seconds, he opens his mouth wide in a big, shocked smile, expressing how much he loves this new bed of his. It’s so funny, and his joy is definitely infectious!

Take a look at this video

There’s no way you were not chuckling by the end of this video. His reaction was so unexpected and over-the-top! It sure is great to make a cat happy!

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