The Got Talent shows have some pretty interesting acts. With everything from the expected, like singing and dancing, to more unusual acts like ventriloquism and magic tricks, and even to the most outlandish and strange talents we can’t even begin to list, there’s something for everyone.

Simon Cowell is a pretty big fan of dog acts, but today, it’s time for him to expand his favorites to a new breed of animal! Marina and Svetlana are a mother and daughter pair who decided to audition for the show, and they perform an act known as the Savitsky Cats – an act put on entirely by the two trainers and their fantastic feline friends!

Image Credit: YouTube

It’s not often that we get to see trained cats performing tricks of all sorts. The judges seemed skeptical at first, unsure as to how feasible cat training can be, and the first cat to perform seemed nervous and distracted by the large crowd. But then, things kicked into gear, and everything went smoothly!

Image Credit: YouTube

The cats performed amazing acts, leaping through hoops, climbing on and hanging from sticks, and even clambering all the way up a tall prop and jumping straight off it into the arms of their waiting trainers below!

While cats can be difficult to train, positive reinforcement and loads of treats can help along with the process – as well as saintlike patience that this mother and daughter duo must have an excess of to be able to pull these feats off so well!