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Cat’s Epic Reaction After Meeting The Vacuum Cleaner For The First Time Is Hilarious!

When you think of vacuum cleaners and cats, you would probably assume that those two things don’t really match up well. Cats, after all, are often frightened of loud noises and big objects, and traditional vacuum cleaners fit both of those descriptions. But as always, there will be some exceptions to this rule! This cat right here is actually completely enthralled by the powers of a vacuum cleaner!

The suction power fascinates him so much and he loves the sensation for some strange reason. So he holds the nozzle in place with his paws and sticks out his tongue into it to play with the funny feeling. When it’s moved away, he swiped it back immediately, unwilling to let go. It’s absolutely hilarious! Somehow, this kitty is beyond engrossed with the vacuum cleaner.

Take a look at this video!

He’s a very special cat indeed! It’s so funny you probably weren’t able to keep yourself from laughing out loud at this cat’s silly new addiction.

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